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The Eye Of Innocence offers IHDS Certified Foundation Courses and Readings. Discover your genetic map and awaken to your true potential as a nine-centred being. Human Design is The Science of Differentiation, a logical and empirical system founded by Ra Uru Hu.

Ra Uru Hu - The Human Design System

"It's a nice thing to see the beauty in what it is to be you. Not simply just to see the beauty of what it is to be you, but to live it, to live your signature, to find out what peace and satisfaction and success and surprise can really mean in your life, how it enriches it."

- Ra Uru Hu

Human Design Commons - Voices of Uniqueness

I was invited to appear as a guest on Season 2 of the Human Design Commons podcast - Voices of Uniqueness!

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HDC Podcast


Participate in interactive workshops and mini-courses focusing on various aspects of Human Design knowledge. Two passionate Projectors lead these sessions committed to sharing their expertise and assisting you in aligning your body, mind, and spirit.

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Flow with Lisa and Rose!

Would you like to join our free live discussions to understand the impact of the neutrino stream through the Sun as we travel around the Gates of the Mandala?

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  • 5/1 Sacral Generator

    "Lisa Maree, thank you for guiding me through LYD, a simple thank you feels inadequate considering all you have given me. Your wisdom, humour and generosity of spirit and sharing of resources has enriched my life beyond measure. For anyone whose strategy and authority guides you to Lisa Maree - lucky, lucky you. I'm so very grateful"

    - Amanda Banks

  • 1/3 Sacral Generator

    "Lisa is a divine human, so knowledgeable and beautiful to listen to. She is happy to take questions and absolutely lives and breathes human design. It’s special to find and work with someone who absolutely loves what they do and it was a pleasure to go on this journey with Lisa"

    - Courtney Gold

  • 3/5 Emotional Projector

    "Lisa is a lovely human being and an amazing teacher. My experience with Living Your Design couldn't be better. She answered all the questions, brought up many extra contents and was always supportive. I'm really glad to have started my journey in HD with Lisa. Thank you, Lisa!"

    - Luana Farias

  • 5/1 Emotional Manifestor

    "Lisa takes a practical approach to the vast sea of information that is HD and presents it in a way that is informative and not overwhelming. She is a delight to be around and has great energy that is palpable even on Zoom! Truly a great resource and grateful to have found her on my HD journey!"

    - Maria Santa 

  • 6/2 Splenic Projector

    "What an experience. I loved every moment, Lisa Maree is supportive and extremely passionate. The knowledge she has given was deeply moving and so inspiring. I would highly recommend her. Thank you!"

    - Alexandra Beaton

  • 6/2 Emotional Generator

    "I really enjoyed the Living Your Design course with Lisa Maree. It helped me to gain a clearer understanding of both myself and others. I have come away more certain than ever on the value of using my design strategy and honouring my authority and can now put this to practice in life."

    - Emma June

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IHDS Certified Professional

My greatest fulfilment comes from helping people ready to embrace their true selves and lead a life of empowerment, truth, and beauty. My success lies in guiding individuals to live confidently, gracefully, and honestly as their authentic selves.

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