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Human Design provides detailed information on conscious and unconscious aspects of your unique genetic makeup, serving as a compass to guide you in discovering your truth.

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Kiron Return Reading

Kiron Return Reading

Cycle readings unveil the "weather" during specific periods of your life. Your natal design, "who you are," remains constant, but conditioning elements emerge as themes during major cycles that shape your experience and unfolding life journey.

Kiron marks the beginning of a new phase of life and the transition into adulthood as a 9-centred being. This phase begins at 49-50 years old and continues until death. The Kiron cycle provides a clear path towards realising your full potential. It uncovers your true self and your capacity for wisdom, guiding you towards experiences supporting personal growth and the full flowering of consciousness. This captivating exploration will prepare you to fully embrace everything that the Kiron journey has to offer.


Prerequisite: A Foundation Reading 

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