Lisa Maree Akhurst - IHDS Certified Professional - Human Design

The Science of Differentiation came into my awareness in 2018, and everyday since I have been on the trail of uncovering the mysteries and mechanics of our Maia. The Human Design System has unlocked a much deeper understanding of the many interrelated facets of the human body, mind and spirit, reinforcing what I knew within myself, while uncovering a greater perception in how I personally interface with life and others around me. The accuracy and purity of the knowledge continues to reveal itself, I have never experienced such beauty and perfection. I am forever grateful, awe-inspired and feel deeply called to this work and simply had no hesitation following the professional training program. As a natural seeker, Human Design continues to stimulate me and grounds me deeper in the art of being through my journey of true acceptance and mastery of self expression.

Born on the Cross of The Vessel of Love - It gives me great pleasure to be of service to humanity. My role as a Projector is to guide and navigate you through this logical and empirical system - helping you to identify where you may be amplifying life and living out of your openness (not-self) - the distorted reality of conditioning and the thoughts of a constant looping mind. I am here to bring you back to the core essence of who you are, and empower you to stand in your uniqueness. 

We all play a role in this vast frequency puzzle. So let us play. It is time to fall into the magic of what it is to be unique, and all that is you, and to live a life that truly resonates. 

May the serendipity of your life unfold... 

Lisa Maree


My Human Design

3/6 Mental Projector - Single Definition
Right Angle Cross of The Vessel of Love
Purpose Fulfilled Through Form
Innocence Motivation - Personal Perspective

My Life Force 

17-62 Channel of AcceptanceA Design of an Organisational Being
The ability to guide others in a logical manner that can move and assist the progression of humanity.

11-56 Channel of CuriosityA Design of a Seeker/Searcher
The capacity to stimulate and inspire the collective through the stories told from my own personal life experiences.


IHDS Certified Professional 
IHDS Certified Living Your Design Guide
  Student of Alokanand Diaz

Discover Your Design

Human Design offers a map of your unique genetic design, with detailed information on both conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself. Using simple tools, it guides you in discovering your own truth.