International Human Design School

The International Human Design School (IHDS), which was founded in 1992 by Ra Uru Hu, is the body that is licensed to provide education training standards according to the original teachings of Human Design. The IHDS is responsible to set and maintaining the educational standards and materials for Human Design worldwide. It is also the official agency that produce certifications and record keeper for all Certified IHDS Human Design Professionals.

The Director of IHDS, Lynda Bunnell is appointed by Ra Uru Hu to maintain the continuity of the original Human Design System knowledge and the IHDS educational standards.

The IHDS holds the exclusive training and certifying rights for all teacher training, advanced training, including Differentiation Degree Program, DreamRave, BG5 Career and Business, OC16 training and certification, Rave Cosmologist Teacher training, Child Development, Family Practice Analyst, Holistic Analyst, and Sociology Degree certification.

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