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Human Design provides detailed information on conscious and unconscious aspects of your unique genetic makeup, serving as a compass to guide you in discovering your truth.

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Child Development Analysis

Child Development Analysis


As parents, we all have concerns about raising our children in the best possible way. The Human Design System offers valuable insights to help us nurture and honour our children’s unique qualities.

We can confidently watch them grow and thrive as they enter the world by supporting them as individuals. The Child Development Analysis provides a solid foundation for your child’s path according to their specific stage of development.

This comprehensive analysis with both parent and child offers valuable insights into their uniqueness and how to best support their growth to help them find their place in the world. Empower yourself with the knowledge to help your child reach their full potential.

Topics that will be included in the analysis include;


  • Stage of Development
  • Food & Learning
  • Sleep & Bedtime
  • Type & Aura
  • Inner Authority
  • Design Profile & Role Development
  • Personality Profile & Role Development
  • Open Centre Conditioning


Please note: 

- One parent and child per analysis.

- Accurate birth data for both parent and child is required. 

- ZOOM meeting up to 2hrs (recorded)

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