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Human Design provides detailed information on conscious and unconscious aspects of your unique genetic makeup, serving as a compass to guide you in discovering your truth.

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Incarnation Cross Reading

Incarnation Cross Reading

Your Incarnation Cross represents the role you are here to embody in this life. It's not something you're born into but something you have the potential to grow into if you follow the mechanics of your design. By discovering your specific cross, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and heighten the potential to live in alignment with your authentic self. Your Life Purpose shines through your Personality Sun, where you significantly contribute to the world. As you live your experiment, your true role will emerge. 

This journey will cover;

  • Individual Design Overview
  • Introduction to Life Purpose
  • Quarters of the Wheel
  • Personality Sun
  • The Four Arms
  • Purpose/Mission Statement

As we embark on this journey together, I will continue highlighting your Strategy and Authority. This will enable you to live a life experiencing less resistance and, most importantly, make decisions that align with your highest good and authenticity, which can transform your life and help you live with intention and true fulfilment.


Prerequisite: A Foundation Reading 

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