Human Design

The Human Design system is a revolutionary tool that allows individuals to fully comprehend their unique genetic code and chemistry, revealing their one-of-a-kind blueprint. It is based on logical and empirical knowledge that was founded by Ra Uru Hu, also known as The Science of Differentiation. 

We are in an evolutionary program, yet we continue to live under the remnants of the conditioning and distortion of our seven-centred Homo-Sapien predecessors, who made decisions through a highly strategic mind governed by a Saturnian life cycle. However, in 1781, there was a significant mutation, and we evolved as a species, becoming a transitional species with a Uranian life cycle. We are now a Homo-Sapien in Transitus - an evolved nine-centred being - and are here to live in awareness, navigating our lives through the heightened intelligence of our form. By understanding our predispositions and trusting our Inner Authority, we can align ourselves correctly and make better decisions as ourselves. This Uranian system is deeply profound and leads to personal transformation and cellular de-conditioning, awakening us to see through the illusions of life. 

It's time to explore the art of being and empower ourselves to live an authentic life. Are you ready to unlock your true potential and embark on a journey of self-discovery through the Human Design System?

"Understand deeply what it is you are, so that you are deeply aware of what you are not."

- Ra Uru Hu


Discover Your Design

Discover your Human Design genetic blueprint and enjoy the free library of information from official sites to help you get started and familiar with the Science of Differentiation.

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