Human Design

Human Design is The Science of Differentiation. A revolutionary system that intimately and very specifically reveals our individual chemistry and genetic code. A logical and empirical system founded by Ra Uru Hu.  

We are in an evolutionary program, simply unaware humanity continues to live the remanent conditioning and distortion of the Homo-Sapien -
 our seven-centred predecessors. The Homo-Sapien was governed by a Saturnian life cycle and they operated their lives making decisions through a highly strategic mind. This is not who we are. In 1781 there was a great mutation and we evolved as a specie. We are a transitional species with a Uranian life cycle and are here to live in awareness and to navigate our lives through the heightened intelligence of our form. We are a Homo-Sapien in Transitus, an evolved nine-centred being. 

The Science of Differentiation reveals the map of our genetic blueprint. A true Uranian system that supports and aligns us to make correct decisions as ourselves through our Strategy and Inner Authority. If you are ready to discover your predisposition and trust how to navigate life correctly as yourself - you will move through a personal transformation and cellular de-conditioning that is profound. You will begin to awaken - seeing through the illusion and liberating the mind from making decisions by gaining a deeper awareness and giving back the authority to your form. There is no greater time to discover the art of being and to be empowered to live a life in alignment.

There is no greater time to discover the art of being and to be empowered to live a life in alignment. Are you ready to discover your true potential and take a journey of self discovery through the Human Design System?

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