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Discover Your Design

Human Design provides detailed information on conscious and unconscious aspects of your unique genetic makeup, serving as a compass to guide you in discovering your truth.

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Living Your Design

Living Your Design

The classroom has been designed to offer a rewarding experience to individuals with diverse Aura Types. You will get the chance to connect with others and share your personal experiences, giving others a glimpse into the significant differences in the energetics of each Aura Type. Through open discussions, you will gain a better understanding of yourself, develop a deeper acceptance of others, and get the opportunity to expand your network and connect with people on the same transformative journey.

Living Your Design teaches us the most important and transformational aspects of Human Design. The Human Design System empowers us to live according to our own true nature and to identify what is correct for us. The information provided in the Living Your Design Program leads you to a path of deep self-discovery, love and truth and opens the pathway of profound knowledge.  

In this program you will discover:

  • What is Human Design - The Homo-Sapien in Transitus   
  • The 9 Centres - How they function, the biology, and signposts of alignment or not
  • Aura Types - Strategies and Inter-Type interaction
  • Authority - Learn how to surrender to your energetic body and trust your decisions (it’s not the mind) 

Your Program includes 9 consecutive weeks of 1-2 hour online sessions:

1. Introductions & Basic Concepts
The Duality, Genetic Imprinting and The Neutrino Stream.

2. The Four Types & Strategy  
Manifestor, Generator, Projector and Reflector

3. Authority - Solar Plexus, Sacral, Spleen, Heart, G, Environmental and Lunar
& Definition - Single, Split, Triple Split and Quadruple Split

4. Pressure Centre
- Inspiration, Mental Pressure, Doubt, Confusion, and Questions.
Root - Drive, Ambition, Stress, Adrenaline, Worry and potential Depression

5Awareness Centre
 - Basic Fears, Well-Being, Immune System, Intuition, Instincts, Survival
Ajna - Thoughts, Answers, Opinions, Insights, Ideas, and Conceptualising

6. Awareness Centre
Solar Plexus 
- Emotional and Nervous System, Emotional Wave, Moods, Feelings, Emotions, Desires, Passion, Romance, Sex Drive, and Food.

7. Sacral Centre - Vital Energy, Life Force, Generator Motor, Response, Availability, Sexuality and Fertility.

8. Heart/Ego - Willpower, Egoism and the Material World, and Self Worth
& G Centre - Identity, Love, and Direction

9. Manifestation Centre
 - Communication, Manifestation, Materialisation, Contact with the Exterior Worlds, Outlet for Energy and Expression, Speaking and Doing

Requirements to attend:

  • ZOOM - ready for start date.
  • Living Your Design Student Manual
  • The Definitive Book of Human Design (optional)

All classes will be held live and also recorded for those who cannot attend live sessions.

Please note: Completion of this program qualifies you to advance to the next foundation courses - Rave ABC’s and Rave Cartography. 

Ongoing support: All students will have access to a private Facebook group. Here you will find extra resources available and enjoy connecting with others on the same path, sharing in experiences and learning through each other. 

Are you ready to begin your cellular transformation?

Registration LinkLiving Your Design - The Four Types 

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