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Human Design provides detailed information on conscious and unconscious aspects of your unique genetic makeup, serving as a compass to guide you in discovering your truth.

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Relationship Reading

Relationship Reading

Relationships are the key to our evolutionary pathway. As we dive deeper into understanding our conditioning and come back to who we truly are, we can recognise the beauty of what others bring to our lives with acceptance and awareness. We get to see what this life process and grand experience can be when meeting others correctly as ourselves.

The purpose of this analysis is to gain insight into the dynamics of your relationships, whether with your spouse/partner, lover, family member, co-worker, or friend. We will identify the factors that influence your relationships and the overall themes of these unique connections.

  • 7-Centred - 9-Centred Intimacy/Connection
  • How we connect
  • Where the sparks are
  • Potential challenges
  • Areas of comfort

This reading is designed to promote acceptance by helping you better understand how your relationship works, how to improve your communication, and how to remove any blame, shame or fault. It's important to remember that each connection is unique, and this fascinating exploration can help us establish healthy, empowering relationships through greater comprehension.


Prerequisite: A Foundation Reading for each person

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