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The Aura Types by Ra Uru Hu

Approximately 9% of the World Population

Strategy To Inform
Not-Self Theme Anger
Signature Peace

We’re going to begin with the manifestor aura. Now, the whole thing about the manifestor aura is that when the manifestor aura meets another aura—when a manifestor meets either a generator, a projector, or a reflector—their auras contract. In other words, there is something in the manifestor aura that carries a certain repellant quality. And it’s not so much that it’s a repellant quality, there is no attraction—none. In other words, in the manifestor aura the attractiveness of their magnetic monopole is limited. They’re not pulling as hard, in that sense, to get the other to them. 

Now, the reaction of the other is a pull-back. This is why the moment that a manifestor comes into the world its parents are going to have this “uh, oh” reaction. In other words, there is this pulling back of “we’d better be careful.” And all of that is simply because the aura of the manifestor is not inviting. It doesn’t have this kind of pull. It’s one of the things to understand about the nature of manifestor strategy is that the strategy is intended to overcome this. In other words, the moment that the manifestor informs, it’s actually compensating for the fact that its aura can’t do that because the aura doesn’t pull the other in.

Approximately 70% of the World Population

Strategy To Respond
Not-Self Theme Frustration
Signature Satisfaction

When we’re dealing with the vast majority of humanity—after all, manifestors are about 9 percent of the human population—the vast majority of humanity is generators. And when you’re dealing with the generator aura you’re dealing with the most open of all auras. It is the most welcoming of all auras. It is the most magnetic of all auras. The moment that a generator aura meets another generator aura, as an example, there is this immediate coming together. In other words, these auras will just move in with each other. And if they find common frequency they’re going to be able to establish a bond. But it’s important to understand if you’re a generator why it’s so difficult for you to deal with your not-self and why your strategy of response is so important. 

You’re designed to respond because the outside forces are designed to touch you deeply, deeply. In other words, your gift of response is based on the fact that you don’t miss anything when you get an aura coming into you. You can grab all of that in order to respond correctly. There is no guessing. Your strategy is not a compensation for what your aura cannot accomplish. It’s why I always tell generators don’t worry, life will come to you. You don’t have to be concerned about this or that or the other, that you will never get it, that you will have to pretend you’re an initiator. Your aura is designed to welcome the outside. And in doing so, and being so open at the auric level, the ability then to be able to make correct responses according to your authority.


 Approximately 20% of the World Population

Strategy To Wait for the Invitation
Not-Self Theme Bitterness
Signature Success

When we’re dealing with a projector, the projector aura is very focused. If you could actually see the projector aura at work, you would see that it sort of forms, rather than being kind of round and taking you, or round and not letting you in the way the manifestor aura does, this is an aura that focuses down to a kind of thrusting arm that punches into the other aura. It’s quite different. It’s one of the things to understand about the nature of the projector, that the awakening for the projector is only through the understanding of the other. And that the interest of projectors is focused on the other, and they’re focused on the other specifically. 

Their aura is very good at penetrating one aura at a time. They are designed to be able to penetrate those auras. After all, they’re a non-energy type. They’re going in specifically for something. How important it is for projectors to study and understand the nature of the other because that’s what they’re about. That’s what they’re here to do. And that’s what their aura is doing all the time. 

So many projectors run into difficulties in this life because they are rejected by others because the other feels this penetrating focused aura. And if it’s not connected with proper action with the correctness of the inner authority of the projector, this is something that is going to be resented. This is going to feel like this is something coming in to take something out rather than coming in to provide something.

Approximately 1% of the World Population

Strategy To Wait a Lunar Cycle
Not-Self Theme Disappointment
Signature Surprise

And finally, the reflector; the reflector aura for me is very interesting. It is similar to the manifestor aura. The difference with the reflector aura is it’s like the reflector aura is covered with Teflon. The reflector always goes along the edge of other auras, it never merges. It can’t. And its strategy is not a compensation for that. After all, it is ultimately the role of the awakened reflector to be the perfect weatherman, or weatherwoman. That is, they are the ones in tune with the program, and can tell whether their environment is also in tune with the program because of the nature of their openness.

One of the things to recognize about their aura is that because that aura has this Teflon quality, what it means is that they’re here to sample auras on the surface. They’re sampling the other aura’s interaction with the neutrino field, and the neutrino ocean, and the relationship of the other to that field of consciousness. The aura is an extraordinary thing.

Each and every one of you according to your type has an aura that does the talking. Let your aura do the talking. Recognize that this is the way in which you interact with the world. And see very clearly that in order for your aura to be healthy, in order for you to be healthy, you need to honor the strategy of your type. And then your aura and you are one. 

- Ra Uru Hu

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