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Human Design is a synthesis. It reveals and explains how we are imprinted through a programming agent called the neutrino, birth time is extremely important and needs to be accurate in order to see the precise biological mapping of our DNA.

Rave BodyGrapghBasic Chart 

Lisa Maree Akhurst - Advanced Human Design Chart

Advanced Chart 

On the left we have the Red - Design/Unconscious - this shows the brain/body, environment, your physical range of experience, and how if aligned to Strategy & Authority the cognitive potential beneath the surface can correctly emerge and be experienced.

On the right we have the Black - Personality/Conscious aspect of ourselves - this shows the perspective of the world, how you consciously experience your relation to it, and the true potential of outer authority as a motivating force. 

The Science of Differentiation runs deep and it is all extremely fascinating and useful once we have been in our experiment for some time. The layers underneath the surface of the bodygraph show profound nuances that we are able to recognise and experience, giving more validation to the uniqueness of who we are.

"Understand deeply what it is you are, so that you are deeply aware of what you are not."

- Ra Uru Hu


Discover Your Design

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